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Indian & Desi Events - Canada


People have often asked distributors not to place yellow pages on their door steps. Search engines have also weighed down the yellow pages. There is, thus, a little hope for these once-prized possessions to thrive in such an age. This is also partly due to the growing indifference of the current generation to the classical modes. One for sure feels that evolution is imperative. A different side of the picture is revealed if the yellow pages are integrated. www.betelleaf.ca is a website that provides us with such a characteristic revival. It not only has the most helpful listings but also keeps the Indians residing in Canada updated with the upcoming desi events and providing them the feel of their land by giving them a chance to attend these Indian events.



Find Desi Events in Toronto , Vancouver , Montreal & Calgary

BetelLeaf is an Indian internet yellow pages website, which has listings dedicated to the people from India and South Asia residing in Canada. If a compatriot’s service to set up an office or a business are required, or a South Asian doctor is needed for a routine check-up, or a desi food hangout in a specific locality is desired for; opting for this website may be a good idea given the current extremely subjective and cramped search engine results.

BetelLeaf is not just about business listings. The focus of the website lies in the interaction of the community with the yellow pages. The site provides a long list of Indian events happening in Canada. Betelleaf.com provides an edge for recognition to the Desi events in the foreign countries, considering their alien nature in a foreign land and their limited exposure. Betelleaf.com is an online database for these desi events including concerts, festivals, carnivals, shows, award ceremonies, seminars and films apart from many others, charted into an online event calendar. This online Indian events’ dedicated calendar allows users to view different types of events that might be taking place in their locality or the ones that interest them in another parts of Canada. Through this calendar, people can keep themselves up to date and in touch with their community, and remind them of their cultural significance that they left behind in their native countries and now miss them in Canada.



Indian & Desi Parties, Concerts

One simply has to make an account at BetelLeaf’s website for the online event calendar and list the desi events on the website for no cost at all. The procedure closely resembles listing a business on a website’s yellow pages. BetelLeaf promotes these events for the community by getting the event featured on the website. Those with an account on betelleaf.com are sent reminders at the turn of the event, so there is no need to keep track of the number of days left or worry about missing a birthday. Since the locality is specified, one can look around for travel and food services according to their tastes, or look to shop for desired items from a desi store. The categorisation of the events provides a quick way of surveying the events, so one can filter interested events among many others.



Find Your Favourite Desi Party

The keywords entered for the events, their introductions, banners, coupons and videos for a specific event, all serve to boost the accuracy of the searches, clearly providing a panoramic view of an event while keeping the Indian events as an exciting prospect in parallel. Furthermore, for the ease of the users, BetelLeaf also sells tickets online for most of these events.

Another feature incorporated in the website is the social-sharing feature. With just one click, friends and family can know which event they all should look forward to and when to keep their schedules free. The phrase “the more the merrier” was coined in a carnival, after all!

Want to invite people for a desi wedding or perform religious rituals in congregation that was previously limited to private offerings? Thanks to the date, time and place marking of BetelLeaf’s online event calendar and the ability to socialise the data that the worries like these have alleviated. BetelLeaf has truly coloured the traditional yellow pages to keep them alive.